Coventry Zesty Playford

Folk dancing in Coventry and environs

Warwick Folk Ceilidhs

These run twice a term in Warwick Students' Union. Non-students also welcome.

Peeping Tom Ceilidhs

No longer monthly, but the Peeping Tom Ceilidh Band still run the occasional ceilidh!

Alcester Contra

A wonderful series on contra dances. (Swirly American ceilidh.)

Playford Dancing Around and About

Sheffield Playford

Monthly Playford dancing in the pub! Musicians are invited to come along and play for dancing, and everyone is welcome to call a dance. Meanwhile downstairs there is delicious beer.

The Round

Some great people have come out of the Round or so I like to think ;-) including most of the callers I book. They meet once a week in Cambridge University term time, on a Thursday. They also do ceilidhs now and then, and a Playford Ball in June.

Zesty Playford Balls at C# House

Twice a year there are Zesty Playford Balls at Cecil Sharp House in London. These feature the Playford Liberation Front, a truly fabulous folk superband.

More Playford dancers.  Thanks to Sarah Clough.