Coventry Zesty Playford

What is Playford dancing?

Playford dancing gives you the grace and poise of ballroom without the footwork, the fun and sociability of barndancing without the haybales, and the simple accessibility of the macarena without, er, without the macarena, and what a relief that is.

Playford dances are the popular dances of the 17th and 18th centuries; they are an important part of our English folk dance tradition. If you've been to a ceilidh, it's a lot like that. In fact, many Playford dances get done at ceilidhs, so you may well have done some Playford before. Now you've got the chance to do more!

Just like with ceilidh dances, you have a partner and dance with a group of people (a set). A caller teaches the dance, while a live band provides the music. You can make the dances as energetic or as elegant as you want them to be. You don't need any prior dancing experience, and you don't need to bring a partner, though feel free to bring all your friends.

What is different about Coventry Zesty Playford?

My aim here is to offer Playford dance events that are a little different from the context in which you often see Playford done. To begin with, we always dance to live music. Always. It's not a bonus, it's the heart of it. You're encouraged to change partners often to include everyone, and to dance with energy and enthusiasm. We aim for a beginner-friendly atmosphere and I book beginner-friendly callers. I try to book a different band and caller for every event, and choice and arrangement of tunes is up to the band -- this means you can expect each night to be unique.